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Half-year figures 2022

SECANDA AG (formerly InterCard) closed the first half of 2022 with revenue growth to EUR 10,844 thousand. In the same period of the previous year, consolidated revenues had amounted to EUR 10,423 thousand. EBITDA for the Group in the first half of the year was EUR 730 thousand (previous year: EUR 835 thousand), EBIT was EUR 190 thousand (previous year: EUR 299 thousand), EBT was EUR 112 thousand (previous year: EUR 228 thousand) and net income was EUR 103 thousand (previous year: EUR 164 thousand).

With very good order backlogs, limited resources prevented stronger growth. Limited personnel capacity and recently high levels of sick leave, as well as delays in the supply of hardware components, are currently hampering the completion of projects. While the market recovery in Germany led to a significant improvement in sales in the Identification & Payment segment, as expected, the shortage of parts in the Physical Access segment in particular and a subdued business development in Switzerland slowed down growth.

Irrespective of this, SECANDA is continuing its growth strategy. In Germany and Switzerland, we are focusing on the market for clinics, healthcare facilities and assisted living with our CARE division. 1,800 potential facilities in Germany alone have been identified and addressed. In the CORPORATE area, we want to add new capabilities to the employee ID card. In our CAMPUS area, we are taking the university card to a new level of technology: with central ID management for every student, with the app for topping up and paying from the personal credit account, and with ever new functions in our new SECANDA system.

Internationally, we are addressing a new market with the acquisition and renaming of our new Spanish subsidiary. Further international sales structures are being and have been established. With local contacts and international branches that are there for our customers in the best possible way at all times.

SECANDA Half-year report 2022 (PDF 1.55 MB)

12. August 2022|Investor Relations|

Expansion Spain and business development

With the acquisition of 100% of the shares in MADSENSE S.L., based in Valencia, we are expanding our commitment in Spain. At the same time, the company is renamed SECANDA. The Spanish market will now be developed from our new location in Valencia.

The team in Valencia with today 6 software developers supplemented by a new sales representative already stands for SECANDA Spain for a long time. It has contributed significantly to the design and development of our new system of identification as well as payment for years.

With SECANDA, we have further developed our smart card and payment system into an innovative identification system. Following the change of name from InterCard AG Informationssysteme to SECANDA AG, all new international locations as well as our subsidiary InterCard GmbH Kartensysteme will also be given the name SECANDA and thus the name of the new system in further steps.

InterCard SECANDA is already the clear market leader for identification and payment systems at universities in Germany and Switzerland. With its own team in Valencia, SECANDA now has the technical and sales expertise to build on this success in the Spanish market. In addition to open up new markets abroad, the sales team in Germany is concentrating on expanding new sales markets, especially with solutions for the new CORPORATE, CARE and PUBLIC sectors.

MADSENSE Valencia has already worked almost exclusively for our Group in the past and is largely breaking even. In this respect we do not expect any significant effects on our Group figures in the current fiscal year.

With order backlogs remaining high, the Group is experiencing isolated delivery problems for parts and thus selective project postponements. However, we still expect to make up for the delays in the course of the year and thus achieve the annual targets we have set ourselves.

6. July 2022|Investor Relations|

Change of company name to SECANDA AG and annual report

InterCard AG Informationssysteme is to have a new name.

What we aim to express in this way is: a new company is being formed. To be precise, the change has already taken place. Today, with InterCard, Polyright, IntraKey, IDpendant and many others, we are a group of companies with very different strengths – let us say, skills. Above all, however, we are already a cohesive team that works together to design the future.

We have created a leading technology company from a series of technology providers. The result is our new identification system SECANDA.
Now we are transforming our company into a brand provider. With the change of the company name to SECANDA AG as a next step – thanks to your vote at the coming Annual General Meeting. The subsidiary companies and overseas branches will gradually also assume this name.
All this will mean: an identical brand for shares, systems and sales structures. From this single message we expect a strong correlation with increased value for our company – and of course for the ranking by search engines. So in this way we have already laid the foundations for new digital marketing.

With our campaign WE ARE SECANDA we make clear what we stand for and why that is an advantage for our customers, shareholders and all of us. With SECANDA IS HERE we are emphasising the unique features of our system. We are making SECANDA the basis of new PR activities.
We are ready. With extensive international trademark rights for SECANDA, and with all the relevant international internet domains (more than 40) and social media accounts we shall be easier to find than before. In the past you could only find us via the domain We were often mistaken for others and not found. All that had a negative effect on the marketing of our systems and our shares. Now we are changing that.

With SECANDA, we are embarking on a new era for our company. We have proved that together we are more than singly. Accompany us as shareholders, employees and customers. In a partnership, for the benefit of all. WE ARE SECANDA.

InterCard Annual Report 2021 (PDF 3.67 MB)

27. April 2022|Investor Relations|

Final Annual Figures for 2021

According to the final figures, during the business year 2021 the company sales revenues of InterCard AG Informationssysteme amounted to TEUR 23,059. During the previous year the concern revenues amounted to TEUR 20,662. The increase is due primarily to the consolidation of our new majority holding IDpendant, which is included for the entire year for the first time.

During the business year 2021 the EBITDA of the concern amounted to TEUR 1,891 (after TEUR 2,304 during the previous year); the EBIT amounted to TEUR 745 (after TEUR 1,164 during the previous year) and the earnings before taxes (EBT) amounted to TEUR 591 (after TEUR 1,036 during 2020). During the business year the annual surplus amounted to TEUR 306 (previous year TEUR 532).

You can read more about InterCard and our new identification system SECANDA on

The Annual Report will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, 27 April 2022.

26. April 2022|Investor Relations|

Preliminary Annual Figures 2021

According to the preliminary figures, during the business year 2021 the company sales revenues of InterCard AG Informationssysteme increased from EUR 20.7 million to EUR 23.1 million. The increase is due primarily to the consolidation of our new majority holding IDpendant, which is included for the entire year for the first time. Moreover, the InterCard Group has started into the new business year 2022 with a very good backlog of orders.

As was to be expected, the concern result was still negatively affected by the closures in the universities which form our core market as a result of the pandemic. Nonetheless, according to the preliminary figures the EBITDA amounted to TEUR 1,848 (previous year: TEUR 2,315), the EBIT amounted to TEUR 702 (previous year: TEUR 1,175) and the EBT amounted to TEUR 548 (previous year: TEUR 1,047). It was during 2021 that the financial effects of the pandemic reached their high point. By contrast, the previous year 2020 had begun with high revenues during the first quarter.

Our university customers have opened again and have thus evidently largely put the problems of 2021 behind them. Thus installations in our previous core market, the universities, are generally possible again.

Against this background, as of the end of 2021 InterCard has now completely ended the short working hours which it had taken advantage of in the interim period and is currently recruiting new staff in sales, both nationally and internationally, in order to accelerate the marketing of the new system also beyond the university sector.

You can read more about InterCard and our new identification system SECANDA on

1. April 2022|Investor Relations|
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