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Non-cash capital increase

InterCard AG Informationssysteme is increasing its shares in the Swiss subsidiary company Polyright from 61.03% to 100%. The takeover of the shares is taking place within the framework of an increase in capital against a non-cash contribution through the issue of 161,663 new shares from the approved capital and under exclusion of the right to purchase. The new shares are entitled to dividends from 1.1.2021.

The increase in capital is being registered in the commercial register but has not yet been entered. After registration the capital stock of InterCard AG Informationssysteme will increase by EUR 161,663 from EUR 1,859,000 today to EUR 2,020,663, divided into 2,020,663 no-par shares.

The takeover is taking place within the framework of the previously announced further integration of the companies of InterCard. Thus Polyright will be merged with the second Swiss 100-percent subsidiary Multi-Access during the remaining months of this year. The announced fusion of the German subsidiary company Multicard with InterCard GmbH Kartensysteme was recently entered into the Commercial Register.

With the integration of existing subsidiaries and the evaluation of new takeover options, InterCard AG Informationssysteme continues to pursue its aim of creating more innovation for larger shared markets.

28. May 2021|Investor Relations|

Final annual figures and annual report 2020

InterCard AG Informationssysteme has confirmed its preliminary figures for the business year 2020 and published its annual report.
According to the audited figures, the concern’s turnover rose to TEUR 20,662. During the previous year the concern revenues lay at TEUR 19,147.

During 2020 the EBITDA rose to TEUR 2,315; during 2019 it lay at TEUR 1,840 and in 2018 at TEUR 987. The EBIT rose to TEUR 1,175 from TEUR 798 during the previous year and TEUR 342 in 2018. The EBT reached TEUR 1,047 from TEUR 675 in 2019 and TEUR 255 in 2018. The annual surplus rose to TEUR 532 from TEUR 241 in 2019 and TEUR 83 in 2018.

The progress of business continued to remain uneven during the first half-year 2021. Part of our area of business remains only marginally affected by the pandemic today. Another part is under strain due to the closures in the university sector, although this is currently cushioned by a relevant share of comparatively stable existing business.

The complete annual report with further information is available as a download > here.

You can also visit us online at the 31. Münchner Kapitalmarktkonferenz (31st Munich Capital Market Conference) (MKK) on 4 May at 9.40 a.m. Participation was never so easy: just send us an e-mail today at 4.00 pm and we will send you an access code:


29. April 2021|Investor Relations|

Preliminary annual figures 2020

According to preliminary figures, the revenues of InterCard AG Informationssysteme in the concern have risen to EUR 20.7 million. During the previous year the concern revenues were EUR 19.1 million.

The increase in the result lay above our expectations during the year. According to our preliminary figures the EBITDA increased in 2020 to TEUR 2,311; during 2019 it lay at TEUR 1,840 and in 2018 at TEUR 987. The EBIT rose to TEUR 1,172 after TEUR 798 in the previous year and TEUR 342 in 2018. The EBT reached TEUR 1,047 after TEUR 675 in 2019 and TEUR 255 in 2018.

The increased result within the concern resulted from the continued positive development in some areas of business such as access controls – accompanied by strict costs discipline in areas that were adversely affected by the pandemic.

The increase in revenues within the concern is largely due to the consolidation of our new subsidiary company IDpendant from September 2020. During the consolidation period 2020 its contribution to the concern revenues lay at approx. EUR 1.8 million. In 2021 the company will contribute to concern revenues throughout the year for the first time. IDpendant worked profitably throughout the year during 2020, with revenues of well over EUR 4 million.

In the case of systems and solutions for universities and further education establishments, hitherto our largest revenues segment by far, we have recently continued to register low incoming orders as a result of the closures, and delays in the execution of orders which cannot yet be quantified entirely. Following 2020, which was a good business year, we consequently expect a lower annual result for 2021 with only a small rise in revenues due to acquisitions.

31. March 2021|Investor Relations|
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