SECANDA AG (formerly InterCard) closed the first half of 2022 with revenue growth to EUR 10,844 thousand. In the same period of the previous year, consolidated revenues had amounted to EUR 10,423 thousand. EBITDA for the Group in the first half of the year was EUR 730 thousand (previous year: EUR 835 thousand), EBIT was EUR 190 thousand (previous year: EUR 299 thousand), EBT was EUR 112 thousand (previous year: EUR 228 thousand) and net income was EUR 103 thousand (previous year: EUR 164 thousand).

With very good order backlogs, limited resources prevented stronger growth. Limited personnel capacity and recently high levels of sick leave, as well as delays in the supply of hardware components, are currently hampering the completion of projects. While the market recovery in Germany led to a significant improvement in sales in the Identification & Payment segment, as expected, the shortage of parts in the Physical Access segment in particular and a subdued business development in Switzerland slowed down growth.

Irrespective of this, SECANDA is continuing its growth strategy. In Germany and Switzerland, we are focusing on the market for clinics, healthcare facilities and assisted living with our CARE division. 1,800 potential facilities in Germany alone have been identified and addressed. In the CORPORATE area, we want to add new capabilities to the employee ID card. In our CAMPUS area, we are taking the university card to a new level of technology: with central ID management for every student, with the app for topping up and paying from the personal credit account, and with ever new functions in our new SECANDA system.

Internationally, we are addressing a new market with the acquisition and renaming of our new Spanish subsidiary. Further international sales structures are being and have been established. With local contacts and international branches that are there for our customers in the best possible way at all times.

SECANDA Half-year report 2022 (PDF 1.55 MB)