SECANDA AG (formerly InterCard, new stock exchange symbol SC8) has acquired 100% of the shares in H. Schomäcker GmbH, based in Cologne. For many years, H. Schomäcker GmbH has been by far the most important market companion of InterCard GmbH Kartensysteme in the market for universities, colleges and student unions in Germany. InterCard already had a market share of more than 80% here before the acquisition.

The merger is to the advantage of our customers. With my.Authent, Schomäcker has launched a new smart card and identification system parallel to our SECANDA system. Together we will offer our customers the best of both in the future.

We have been using Schomäcker’s Q Pilot print management system in our own smart card systems for years. Against this background, this area ideally complements SECANDA’s activities.

In addition, H. Schomäcker GmbH has developed innovations in the field of access control with my.Ki, which will support our Physical Access division in accelerating growth in this area.

Schomäcker strengthens the SECANDA team by a total of 17 employees. The numerous innovations of recent years, especially in the area of modern software products, show a more than impressive track record. All the more so when measured against the size of the company. We are very pleased that we were able to win such a highly qualified team for SECANDA and look forward to working with them.

H. Schomäcker GmbH is expected to contribute about 2 million euros to the group turnover in a full financial year. Furthermore, we expect considerable synergies and effects from the new joint market position of both companies.

SECANDA AG continues to operate clearly profitably with group sales at the previous year’s level. Bottlenecks in resources and parts in particular had recently prevented stronger growth.