SECANDA AG (formerly InterCard, new stock exchange symbol SC8) is successfully establishing itself in the market for clinics, healthcare facilities and assisted living – thanks to new solutions based on the SECANDA system.

Our new SECANDA system for identification, access and payment ensures optimal processes, greater security and more convenience for patients and staff in more and more clinics. With the chip card as identification, payment and access card for patients, employees and residents. Or alternatively with the Medi.tag on the patient wristband or another wristband for identification during therapies, for access to buildings and wards, for lockers and cabinets, for vending machines or for the cafeteria.

All identification processes throughout the clinic or facility converge via interfaces in the central SECANDA system. With only one ID per patient or employee for chip cards and other identification media, with only one personal credit account for each payment transaction, and with central management of all individual rights for access to buildings, wards, and rooms. Through our subsidiary IDpendant, we also manage access to networks and systems and protect the IT infrastructure.

InterCard SECANDA only launched its Health Care business unit in 2020 and, following initial successful installations, is now seeing a significant increase in demand for its complex end-to-end solutions. The background to the high demand is, in addition to government support for digitization in this area, above all a high backlog demand for the use of efficiency-enhancing systems and better security concepts in clinics and many forms of shared living.

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